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John Gottschall has been involved in the commercial real estate industry since 1995. He joined Q10 | Bonneville Real Estate Capital in August 2000 as an analyst. Two years later he became a director and is responsible for origination of commercial real estate loans.

Prior to joining Bonneville, John worked as a commercial real estate appraiser from 1995 to 2000. This experience provided him with a solid foundation in understanding real estate principles and how to analyze and value commercial real estate.

John received his education at the University of Utah where he graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication and a minor in German.

John and his wife Jane live in Salt Lake City with their three children.

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Property Name: Campus Park Housing
Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Property Type: Apartment/Multi-Family
Transaction Type: Refinance
Loan Amount: $7,600,000
Details: This property was somewhat unique in that Phase I of the project (48 units) were 6-bedroom student housing units and Phase II of the project (72 units) were 2 bedroom, traditional apartment units.  The borrowers were paying off two separate notes and were looking to combine the debt into one loan.  The lender offered the borrowers one note on both phases with a 10-year term and 25-year amortization at a competitive interest rate.  
More Info: John Gottschall at 801-323-1023 or contact me

Property Name: Brighton Homes Building
Location: North Salt Lake, Utah
Property Type: Office
Transaction Type: Acquisition Financing
Loan Amount: $975,000
Details: Our client was looking to finance the purchase of the property and was a tenant in the building.  An added layer of complexity is that the collateral comprised 5 condominium units in a condo project that included a neighboring building and common parking area.  The lender was able to get comfortable with the ownership and condo structure and provided an attractive rate for a 16-year, fully amortizing loan.  
More Info: John Gottschall at 801-323-1023 or contact me