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Bonneville Debuts Spectacular New Office Space

Bonneville Real Estate Capital is holding an open house on October 12th, 2017 to celebrate the completion of its new office space, located in the 111 Main Building in downtown Salt Lake City.  Bonneville Real Estate Capital consists of sister companies Q10 | Bonneville Real Estate Capital and Bonneville Multifamily Capital.  After maintaining separate office spaces for 12 years, both companies now share a single floor of office space, encouraging cooperation and merging interests between the two companies.

City scape of downtown Salt Lake City at dusk with the City Creek Center in the foreground and 111 Main at the center of the photo
111 Main at Dusk, Center

To promote the theme of cooperation, architecture and design firm FFKR along with Zwick Construction created an open suite, without cubicles or closed offices.  This kind of space promotes easy communication between all members of the company, regardless of position or tenure.  CEO Henry Schwendiman noted that “Bonneville has grown over 10% per year for the past 20 years.  This new, state of the art floor plan enables Bonneville to continue to grow by attracting the best employees and providing a workspace that encourages collaboration.”


Employee desk with low cubicle walls and floor to ceiling windows looks out over local buildings at sunrise
Open Office Plan Encourages Communication and Collaboration
The modern, new board room in Bonneville's headquarters has two glass walls, one textured wood wall featuring an inset, glass white board, and an illuminated wall featuring a Utah landscape painting.
Board Rooms Offer Natural Light and State of the Art Audio Visual Equipment

The open house on October 12th provides a networking opportunity for Bonneville Real Estate Capital clients to meet and Continue reading Bonneville Debuts Spectacular New Office Space